Thursday, January 29, 2015

If You Stick it, They Will Come

I'll start by saying that Rod's book, Stick Me Baby...One More Time, is still in the works for a spring release as scheduled. But, because we love to show you glimpses of how the guys got their start in the industry, and the circumstances that brought them together, we have written a short story showing exactly how Rod met Tony back on set in 1994...

IF YOU STICK IT, THEY WILL COME, is releasing on February 10th!

The adult industry has a lot of seedy characters, hell, I was used to that I came from the streets of L.A. My name? Rod Stick. 

I’m known as the hottest guy on pay per view. Flashback with me to 1994, and find out what the small peckered boy wonder, aka Ting Tang Tony did to win me over. Sure, most people usually met at school, or as they worked at a boring 9-5 job—not everyone can say that they met their best friend while working a girl over home plate, and all while getting paid to do it.  I don’t know what made me stick my neck out for this kid, but I knew he was a good person after a short round of jokes and seeing how he treated people, more importantly the other women on set. It took a real man to be one. 
Tune in to this Episode and see how it all began.

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Kat and Kristin