Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hey Ya’ll! we were able to steal some kid free moments this morning to get crack-a-lackin’ more on book 2 of the Has Been Series: STICK ME BABY … ONE MORE TIME. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, that’s the title. :)
While we adore Tony and his journey, we must say that we’re pretty damn excited to be writing on Rod’s book. The sex gets dialed up, the raunchy gets dialed up, and Rod is all sorts of inappropriate and right up our alley. Considering ourselves to be people that enjoy all flavors, it’s fun to write from a new persecpective and take on a whole new frame of mind writing Rod’s story. Prepare your ears to hear fuck a lot, actually enough to make Kristin blush sometimes, and she used to manage bars and has a mouth like a sailor (okay, not really, we have a larger vocabulary than that, but there's some inappropriate situations...we're dealing with Rod here, and his journey). 
Rod’s book is much darker than Tony’s and naturally so, because Rod’s path is also darker. Rod has some serious demons to exorcise before he can find his happy ending. His problems are much longer than a little dick. While Tony has issues getting a woman, Rod has issues getting too many of them and satisfying one has never been an concern for him.
The question is: will he learn from his mistakes, or are they only going to sink him further into that black pit that hides behind his cavalier attitude?
STICK ME BABY…ONE MORE TIME coming Spring, 2015.

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